Living Room Midpoint Reveal



Finally! I reached a mid-point in the living room remodel. I’ve been dying to post sooner, but living in Portland in the spring does not provide many sunny days. I have been waiting for the right amount of sunlight to take photographs. So as soon as the sun peeked out from behind the gray clouds I scrambled to get everything set up. I totally geeked out over my newest mini that I made this week. As usual I was browsing on Pinterest and came across a really sweet record player that I wanted in real life, so of course the house had to have one to! Here’s the player from ION that I love!


Here’s my mini version…


I can’t wait to make tiny vinyl for the player!

This was so much fun to make and by far my favorite mini to date. I took full advantage of a rainy afternoon drafting the design and working out the mechanics of the arm. I mean, what’s a mini record player without a needle that swivels right? Talk about tedious…the needle itself was a challenge. I’m still working out some of the finer details so my OCD can take a rest. I have to figure out how to design the feet on the player and perhaps paint the logo on the front. I decided against the volume control so it wouldn’t interfere with the arm.


My hubs joking said that I had issues when I pointed out the tiny needle in the arm. It’s all about the details. A mid century console goes hand in hand with a record player like PB and J. As for the console, it got a bit of finishing touches on it as well. The legs were a bit too pointy and I it got washed out against the floor, so I decided to stain every thing except for the doors and legs. I tried coffee first, but it wasn’t quite dark enough so I used a watered down acrylic for the stain and then finished it off with bees wax. I’m really pleased with the result. It goes really well with the couch and wallpaper. Plus it makes the player stand out even more.


As far as the wall, I had a long narrow mirror that ran the length of it, but it just didn’t feel quite right. I was really proud of it at first because I had salvaged it from an eye shadow compact with a bit of hot water and Goo Off. I tried to pry it off and broke it, so I used the opportunity to try another approach. I’ve seen a lot of circular mirrors lately in other dollhouses like this one from Whimsy Woods Designs that I’ve been admiring.

See this Instagram photo by @whimsy_woods • 368 likes:

I adore this little bathroom!

To make it a bit more dramatic I decided to frame the mirror. My first attempt at framing it was using brass wire that was twisted by hand and then hammered flat, but it wouldn’t adhere to the edge of the mirror without a ton of adhesive being exposed. On such a small scale it just stuck out like a sore thumb. Then I decided to try it with polymer clay. Talk about a DUH moment. So..much…easier. All I had to do was design the frame and then just bake it onto the mirror itself. I carved the surface of the frame to enhance the brass finish which matches the other design elements of the first floor.


I’ve also been digging the brass plant holders and decorations that I’ve seen around the internet lately so I tried my hand at making one myself. I think it’s super cute next to the little aloe plant that I made from polymer clay. As you can see, there aren’t any base boards yet, but that’s on the list. I also tried to salvage the wallpaper where it ripped from the previous mirror, so I’ll probably end up just going over it again with another sheet. ( So glad I bought 2 just in case. They were on clearance for 19¢ at Michaels!)

The macrame chair got a bit of an upgrade as well. I really liked the green beads that I used but then stumbled upon a pair of wooded ones in a jar. I think those made a big difference. Plus the tassels got a bit of a trim to make it more to scale. Right now it’s suspended from a command hook, but later it will hang from a ceiling beam that I’m installing. They too were stained with a highly pigmented watercolor, but left raw. I know that most Mid Century furniture is rarely left raw or unstained, but this design is a merger of Mid Century modern, Scandinavian and Boho elements, so this representation is peppered through out the room. Hence the Mid Century, natural and raw side table I made.

I also painted the little poster on the wall. The sound of jazz on vinyl is music to my ears. I listen to it every morning during my commute with the family. At first I was going to mount a TV on the wall, but ended up wanting the main room to be where the family interacts with one another without media or computers.  I love technology as much as the next person, but all too often at work I see families all sitting together over a nice meal,…staring at their phones. This image came into play when I designed the main floor with an open floor plan.


Looking out from the kitchen island.



I hope you enjoyed my mini reveal as much as I did. This is only the mid point, so I still have a lot to make. I’ve been drooling over this Joybird chair even more than the IKEA Poang, so I’ll be working on that design next.

joybird chair

I’ve also got some pottery, books and plants with macrame hangers to create over the next few weeks. ( So much to do, so “little” time).  Please join me again for part two of the living room remodel, I’ll post a few sneak peeks along the way on Instagram and the Facebook Fan Page. Till then, happy miniaturing!


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