Wall art and Chalkboard Cabinets for Renters



It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been super busy with projects that are ready to share! Spring is here and I took the opportunity over the school break to purge the apartment and organize my pantry. This wall has had a complete overhaul due to our lack of floor space. My little one kept banging his head on a Murphy hutch that was against the wall and I knew that I had to part ways with it. I’d say that’s the toughest part of purging…letting go. It’s liberating once you do it, but the process can be tough when there are memories attached. What helped was to think of the life I would like to have with more space and once I got started it was really easy to just look at something and say “It’s gotta go”.


The infamous table my little guy kept banging his head against. 

I’ve always liked Native American art and patterns which is where my inspiration came from. The pillows are from our first couch that we kept because we liked them so much. I decided to mirror the motif from them onto the accent wall. It’s paneled over so hanging any pictures is tough. Thank goodness for 3M picture hangers! I’ve also seen others use Washi Tape to make similar designs on their walls, but I knew that I’d be able to do it for free. After rummaging around the toolbox I found two rolls of electrical tape.  Works Just fine and has the added flexibility to sink into the grooves of the faux wood paneling. I highly recommend using a level when applying the tape. (I had the added bonus of the panels to use as guide lines).

The painting was really easy to do as well. I only buy these canvases  from Michaels when they have their bi annual art supply sale. You can purchase a pack of two 16 x 20 under $5.   I used a really inexpensive acrylic paint and Pearl Ex pigment for the painting. All of which can also be found at Michaels Craft store.



I masked out the triangles with blue painters tape after I sketched the layout with a white chalk pencil. If you make a mistake you can easily wipe it off with a sponge lightly dampened with water. I then mixed the metallic paint with the Pearl Ex to brighten the effect. Once dry I was going to spray the whole canvas with a semi gloss but I liked the juxtaposition of the matte black and metallic paint.

To complete the look on the adjacent wall I made a macrame wall art piece. I happened to have an old dowel rod laying around and lots of cotton yarn from another crochet project that was just begging to be used for something. I really like how it turned out. It was like making a gigantic friendship bracelet with tassels.


Now onto the kitchen. I came across a great find when my daughter started coloring on the walls when she was little. She had two huge panel doors opening to her closet and I thought they would make great chalkboards. The only problem? As renters it’s a bit tough at times to paint anything and I certainly don’t like the process of repainting once I’m moving out. The solution? Chalkboard contact paper! It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and looks great. I’ve now used it for everything around the house. Like most families the kitchen is the command center.  I’ve used every available wall and cabinet space in my tiny kitchen to help keep me and my family organized and on track. I found my Contact paper on Amazon for less that $5 a roll.

Here’s a before and after comparison of the cabinet door. I love these chalk markers that I found at Target. From the research I did, these seemed to be the best quality for the price. I’ve been really pleased with them so far. To streamline the process of making the grocery list I used the cabinet beside the refrigerator. Once it’s ready I just take a picture of it with my phone and I’m all set. The little green decals are also made with electrical tape. I got inspired by a really cool wall on Pinterest by but changed the color to compliment the many plants in my kitchen. I really like Swiss crosses but totally forgot that a green cross means something around here in Portland. Oh well, I still like the color.


Here I utilized the end of the upper cabinet and the corner of my kitchen. The clip boards are great for organizing important papers which are tossed into the recycling right below. The small closet door is used as my to do list and weekly calendar to keep me on track. The best thing is that it simply peels off when you want and doesn’t leave a trace behind so you don’t chance your deposit.

Next time I’ll share with you my new organized pantry that I redid for under $40! Plus how to hide the kiddie clutter, and finding a dining space when you don’t have a dining room, that servers more than just dinner. Hope my ideas have helped to spark some of your own. Cheers!